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Tim Bergling more commonly known as the DJ Avicii was fount dead in Muscat, Oman on Friday the 20th of April 2018. The cause of his death at this moment has not been released. He was just 28 years old.He rose to international acclaim in 2011 when his hit song ''Levels'' was released. He actually got popular when he was 16 years old and had begun touring by 18 years of age. He had been a staple on the EDM scene for a long time. Which was why it was devastating to his fans when he announced his retirement in 2016 due to health problems.
Avicii had been having health scares before his retirement. He was diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis at the age of 21 and told it was partly due to his excessive drinking. He had his gallbladder and appendix removed in 2014. Avicii was known to be very introverted. The environment that came with being such a high profile DJ  made him drink in order to overcome social anxiety. On It's own this doesn't sound so terrible but Avicii was known to have performed 300+ shows a year. He did publicly admit he had a problem and sought help.
As an EDM fan news of his death is heartbreaking. He was a game changer, he almost singlehandedly made it cool to listen to EDM. Before him it was considered as mostly European or rave music. Will his death be the signal we need to talk about the casual alcoholism that is common among youth? Why is nobody protecting young celebrities from themselves? There is an actual list of celebrities that died at the around the age of 27 and it is called the 27 Club. Party culture will take its toll health wise statistically on us in the future but no one is bothered. What will it take? We could assume that Avicii drank and popped pills like no one else or more practically infer that he had a genetic susceptibility to such substances. We do not all have the same resistance to illness so why are we continually playing Russian roulette with our lives? The answer to that is definitely complex and probably very little can be done from that angle on a large scale but we have the power to save our selves and our family from the possibility of debilitating illness. 
Rest in Peace Avicii, you did the best you could for yourself but it might have been too late to save you from a lot of pain.You are loved and will be missed greatly.

*He is survived by his parents; his sister, Linda Sterner; and his brothers, Anton K├Ârberg and David Bergling. 

    I have over time, become an icecream snob. I sniff at the icecream machines in MacDonald's and gasp in horror at the packaged bars in the supermarket. I probably appreciate Gelato so much because seeing a stand or store means I'm in a mall shopping. The feeling of having a nice crunchy cone of flavourful icecream after a few hours of struggling with clothes is just so nice.
   Now I'd heard of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream and was interested because of the fancy flavours and it also came with a funny story. The owners of Haagen-Dazs just conjured up a Danish sounding name for their company because it sounded old and fancy. Unfortunately for me the only place that sold it in my city was a wholesale supermarket on the outskirts . I couldn't justify leaving my house to travel for an hour just to go get expensive ice-cream. I however found out that the supermarket  delivered groceries to homes! I almost made a habit of buying household items online but the subtle mark-ups on the products took their toll on my budget eventually.


Frozen bliss in a cup...
  I was so excited to eat this I was sure I was going to be disappointed. The instructions say to leave it out for 10-15 minutes before eating so its not too frozen and you can actually taste the flavour...I actually set a timer on it. This stuff exceeded expectations! It is so rich tasting you have to take another bite to confirm that you didn't  imagine the last bite. The ice-cream base itself is cheesecake flavoured(who thinks up these things?) with swirls of strawberry puree and the most interesting part, the biscuit chunks. The chunks are everywhere, you get a bit with every other spoon. They are so generous with the extras that you cannot feel ripped off. It really does feel like you're eating the creamiest cheesecake of all time. Will definitely be trying to eat as many cups of this I can...before I go vegan. All 5 stars!

   I was minding my business as usual when I saw that my favourite local online beauty store carries Hada Labo. At that point I was running out of everything; face wash,essence,even already out of moisturizer. Not only did they have Hada Labo, they were also on their spring sale. So I copped this at $14.00!It goes for $26.00 on Amazon so I can't pretend to not be glad I saved that much.I also got the Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Lotion but that review will be coming later. It has a very Japanese looking package, and I really love it. I'm always so sad I can't read the many things written on the boxes of their products. It looks like a jar of hair wax and also has a similar texture.
Looks so much like hair gel!

   It is an occluding moisturizer and it was touted as super moisturizing, maybe even too moisturizing for some people. It contains 100g of product! I am very heavy handed with moisturizers so large sized products make me so happy. I have combination dry skin(really dry perimeter, oily to normal t-zone) that claim was really interesting to me. Everyone one with combo skin knows the struggle is about finding a moisturizer that can hydrate dry zones without clogging the oily zones. Using two moisturizers for is appealing to very few people. 
    When you first apply the moisturizer it is so hydrating! It makes my skin feel very soft and smooth, instant chok chok feel. I've been using it for a week and my skin is definitely brighter and has more of a glow. Keep in mind that my skin was a little dehydrated before I got the moisturizer. I'm careful not to slather it on when wearing it under my sunscreen because it'll never dry down and it slows down my routine .Its a perfect night moisturizer, some people say it leaves a film but its really just right for me(not noticed a film).  Looking at the claims ''HADA LABO Goku-jyun Perfect Gel has 5 functions: Lotion, Milk, Cream, Serum and Mask in one product.''  What a lot of pressure to put on one product! Its a pretty good moisturizer, but probably only normal skinned people will enjoy using only this all day. If I had no choice I could use this alone and be ok for a few days. I like this, but is it really better than French Pharmacy moisturizers? I'll be back after I empty this jar.
Price: $26.00
Texture: Gel
Rating: 4 Stars!        

   I remember reading this book for the first time in January 2005.I had taken it to school after the Christmas holidays without reading it first because I had a bunch of other books to get through while I was at home. I had heard some of the hype surrounding the book and I knew it would have good exchange value with the other novel freaks...I worshipped everything white at that time so I'm pretty sure I wasn't expecting so much from her.
     I was wrong.Totally hooked well before I was done with the first ten pages. I related to Kambili so strongly. The appearance of wealth when you really have very little that is yours in every sense. The discomfort of shyness when your mind is filled with a thousand things you'd rather say. The awkwardness that comes with being broken by fear. It all felt so familiar even though her story had nothing to do with my life.

    The sensations! I felt every emotion Chimamanda wanted me to feel. Hated Kambili's father, felt afraid for her brother while admiring him, exasperated by Kambili's mother, had a crush on her priest, strong love for her aunt and grandfather. I could smell and taste things! I know its probably because as a Nigerian I'm familiar with the sights and sounds of the details in the book but do you know what it takes for an author to make you Taste! I felt the heat and buzzing mosquitos. I felt the anticipation that comes with being a Christmas visitor in the village.
    Reading the book again as an adult made me...understand her father. He really did love them in the way he knew best. He really did think he was doing the right thing by refusing to enable his father's "idolatry''. Unfortunate that he missed all the scriptures that would have told him he was so terribly wrong. As a Christian the oppressive nature of her father's religion really hurt my heart. I hate seeing Christianity being used as a weapon to cudgel people. Its not supposed to be that way but it's the truth of many people's lives and experiences.
   When I finally settle down professionally and I begin to build my hard copy library, I'd definitely be buying this book as it has great a reread value. Chimamanda Adichie is a national treasure. She taught me that the term ''first book'' is not synonymous with amateur nonsense and she helped me Consciously accept that being an impactful Nigerian writer has nothing to do with gender.
      5 stars!
To bail or not to bail?

   The sunk cost fallacy is simply continued financing of a bad deal. Payments and investments that can never be recovered, but are still being fed and watered by your money and time. Sounds stupid? Not so much. Being the wonderful creatures we are, people are extremely prone to loss aversion because we tend to also emotionally invest in all our dealings. We think we are making logical choices but really, how clear is your vision in that one area?
   Some hide behind God.Waiting on a miracle they say. Is God really behind the vague answers you give as your excuses and the denial in which you're living in?  Most of the time people stick to their sinking ships to avoid admitting their lapse in judgement to their personal audience. Understandable really, because no one likes looking foolish but it means you're not taking into account what not getting out looks like.

 This applies to friendships and romantic relationships. Sticking to friends you've either outgrown or have outgrown you. Staying in relationships that don't work because you want to have something to show for it at the end of the day.Why don't we just admit a relationship has outlived its purpose and hold on to the memories of the good times before they are destroyed by bad sentiments?
   Losing something permanently hurts; stomach twisting,gut wrenching pain. The urge to avoid this pain sometimes leads to erratic behaviour that can only be classified as madness . Why stay in abusive relationships? Wear uncomfortable shoes you can't sell?Or finish up expensive food you find disgusting? The price has already been paid,move on. Sometimes its clear what the sunk costs in our lives are and other times it's not easy to see what is lost forever.Our ability to stay on track and keep pressing on is noble and admirable. We however also have the ability to reflect on our past and project our choices into the future. Save your future self bigger pain and loss by accepting the pain of truth and loss now.

You said, "I will go to another land, I will go to another sea.
Another city will be found, a better one than this.
Every effort of mine is a condemnation of fate;
and my heart is -- like a corpse -- buried.
How long will my mind remain in this wasteland.
Wherever I turn my eyes, wherever I may look
I see black ruins of my life here,
where I spent so many years destroying and wasting."

You will find no new lands, you will find no other seas.
The city will follow you. You will roam the same
streets. And you will age in the same neighborhoods;
and you will grow gray in these same houses.
Always you will arrive in this city. Do not hope for any other --
There is no ship for you, there is no road.
As you have destroyed your life here
in this little corner, you have ruinded it in the entire world. 

   For most people going through stages of music experimentation is inevitable. From the music your family likes to the music your friends like. I remember hearing Clocks by Coldplay on replay as a little kid, I had no idea if I really liked it then or not but I was drawn to Chris Martins reverential tones. If guess I could say it was my love of Worship music that influenced that choice.
   Then there was that thrill of discovering the music that kept me awake at night , singing and internalizing the lyrics. Discussing the lyrics with friends, sing-alongs in school. I'm still a sucker for  good sing along moments. For social mobility though, the genre was Pop and Rap. Knowing a complete Eminem song would earn you some quick cred. Linkin' Park and Evanescence saved me from having to pretend I was still heavily into Rap for clout when I hit my Emo stage. Rock but still cool enough to advertise.
    I fell in love with EDM after hearing Adventure Club have been stuck ever since. I had developed an addiction to intense bass, disdain for Pop lyrics and I found a genre that enabled me. I used to think of EDM as that crazy European music that they play in all the "don't do drugs" videos. I was so surprised to stumble on Intensive Care by The Sonixx;soft ,slow romantic. I thought I would eventually grow out of it all but the artists in the genre evolve so beautifully I'm sure I'll be there for a while. I'm grateful music promoters like MrSuicideSheep and XKito keep the good stuff and the new stuff coming.
   I'm not a one note wonder thankfully. I do appreciate a wide range of Artists with very little focus on particular genres. Coldplay will always have a special place in my heart and on my playlist. Social music though is still a thing. Though its trendy to be that person that likes lesser known artists these days and acting slightly superior about it(quick side glance at some Jon Bellion fans) most people don't want to come to your house and listen to you play your weird music.They want to bond over the familiar tracks you share,or introduce you to hip stuff that you could share. I enjoy time spent with my friends dancing to Nigerian/Afrobeat music and I wouldn't trade it for music I'm sure isn't running away. Don't be selfish with your space, good music is like salt that brightens your good moments and makes your less stellar moments better. Every track you love and even grow to hate is a storage device for your mood, a marker for stages in your life.
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