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 So we're back in this super advanced futuristic world and the apocalypse is nigh. Imagine a world where you're connected to an intergalactic internet that spans planets. The original team is split up and they are all going through their own trials and tribulations while facing off with the Shrike. Sol Weintraub's story is the most compelling. Filled with so much love and sacrifice...I don't think I will ever not tear up thinking about it.Imagine raising your child to a certain age,then watching regress with no solution. Martin Silenus gets on my nerve as usual. Colonel Kassad is looking for his one true love Moneta and the ultimate battle. Het Masteen never gets to tell his story. Father Lenar Hoyt is braving the pain of the cruciform. Brawne Lamia the brawny baddie is dealing with her connection to the AI world. The Consul gets to tell why he did the things he did, and goddammit I'm on his side!Gentrification and colonization will be the downside of a world with teleportation.Can we not have nice things?

This review is however a Meina Gladstone fan appreciation post. I need to shout out Dan Simmons for the way he writes women, he is so good at it! I love it! I don't know how he does it but it's clear that Gladstone is someone to respect. She is not made weaker for admitting that she had wanted Lamia. So classy and so cool. A minute of silence for the one who destroyed the world to save the world. Then died because she knew the new world shouldn't have a place for her.The moral lesson of this book, AI will be the death of humanity undoubtedly.Stay safe guys!


So apparently I played myself by not reading any Dan Simmons book all these years. First of all, a scifi author that doesn’t use sexual violence against women for shock value? I’m shocked! I didn’t appreciate how tired I was of that trope until I realized that I was tense and waiting for it. So many good sci-fi plots in one book, it felt like eating a tin of assorted cookies. My favorite was the story about the cruciform. A plot that can carry an intersection between religion and science fiction? A back story for Christianity that has interstellar origins? Inject it into my veins! This also has a theme of time travel,nanobots, evil AI, futuristic technology. Classic science fiction. 5 stars.

 So we've come to the final book in this series...just kidding there are at least 2 more books. Morning Star opens with Darrow imprisoned and Jackal treating him like a circus showpiece. The Red that thought he could transcend his origins. I could have told Darrow for free that there was no other way for it to end. Sons of Ares executed a brilliant prison break to get Darrow,who then put everyone's life on the life to get Victra Au Juli. I liked her and she deserved a break. One year of imprisonment  and torture because Darrow underestimated Jackal.
  They get to the Sons of Ares base and of course they are discovering revolution itself is just the beginning. There's hunger and anger in the land,they are also all fugitives. At least Sevro is so happy to see him and missed him so much he's wearing Darrow's eyes. I love Bromance. Darrow is done with terrorist plans but he's aware that he owes Sevro too much to speak over him. He remains shy until its almost too late. Their love is stronger than leadership politics after they come to blows they hug it out and move on.
  They decide to get the Obsidian slave class on their side by getting the Obsidian Queen on their side. They meet up with Cassius and he almost (finally) dies but Ragnar is the one that get killed instead...and so they lose their link to the throne.They end up tearing it all to the ground as usual.Oh and they take Cassius prisoner.
  They go to The Jupiter moon Io to meet the Archgovenor Romulus after his declaration of independence from the Sovereign. Then Darrow meets Roque,former best friend turned bigot. I was so heartbroken at the end of Golden Son because how could he????Darrow plays the hell out of him and wins a deal with Romulus while getting Roque kicked out as a traitor. The Iron Golds are also supremacists but they are so disciplined and principled its hard to not admire them. Darrow and Roque's team face up in space.Darrow's team breaks through and Roque decides to kill himself.Such a honorable daft boy. My eyes were so teary.
  There's an obsidian riot quelled by Sevro and his Darrow like antics. Sevro and Julii get married, then Sevro is killed when Darrow tries to free Cassius. Spoiler time is over, a big plot twist happened after this. Go get this book its that good.

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  This installation, the second book in the Red Rising series started with Darrow having won a place in House Augustus over the years...and then promptly lost it. I love absolutely loved space warfare.As one of my nerd friends would say; Inject it into my veins! Cassius Bellona  is still being an ''honorable'' pri.. er person by refusing to forgive Darrow for killing his sweet brother even though he's well aware that Darrow had no choice and had gotten his revenge anyway. The whole Bellona clan is after him this time and Augustus was done with being targeted over something he had nothing to do with. Anyway he's lost his place and his money and he teams up with who? Jackal. He thinks its worth it so I defer to his judgement, not like he had much of a choice. In fact the whole book is about Darrow not having any real choices and making do with what was available. We learn about the existence of Octavia au Lune, the Sovereign of the Society.She does a good job of pretending to be a fair leader but course shows her hand at the ball and when the Oracles were used. The book keeps giving revelation after revelation,*sneezes in Mustang Augustus*and ends with the best plot twist I've ever seen in my life. I refuse to spoil the best part of the book but oh my days it was good. If i reread it , its to see how i could possibly have not seen the signs. I immediately got book 3 then refused to read it for 2 weeks because i was so upset. Good one Pierce Brown. 5 Stars!
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         This was a good one. I'd never heard of Pierce brown before getting this book. I trusted the recommendation of a twitter friend and found a new fave. What a ride this book was! Darrow's trauma at discovering that the world was bigger than he thought. The cool process of upgrading him,tickled every science fiction bone in my body. From Lykos to Villain military school I was hooked on the story and invested in Darrow. I was skeptical when the story turned into Hunger Games with rape and maiming but I was interested in seeing Darrow and his team of merry misfits win. I love camaraderie and the friendship power trope and I am completely unapologetic about it. I however, was annoyed when the book ended immediately after the tournament but in hindsight was the best thing ever. Pierce Brown did something with book two and I loved it. 

 I have wanted to try the Becca highlighter for years. The hype that came with the Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop was insane. I remember salivating over my friend's snapchat videos when she got hers, I could not justify spending £30.00 on a highlighter. Broke student life. My mindset doesn't seem to have adjusted as I still have a problem with spending that much money on a highlighter. That's why I was glad when they introduced the Becca mini and Go on the glow set. Be still my miserly heart.

 It's great stuff! I tested the Becca pressed mini against the Elf baked highlighters. While if you weren't a picky person I would see how you might shrug at the slight differences[they are really just highlighters] but the Becca really is better. I got Opal because it seemed like a nice color. People think that dark-skinned people should go for dark highlighters and sigh, it really doesn't work that way all the time. Sometimes you're left with a strip of gold pigment on your face which stands out oddly as foundation tends to wear off gradually through the day. Overly pigmented highlighters are just not for me,though they can look good for a short time. 
   The Becca spotlight was extremely underwhelming. I ended up using it only when I did not want to wear complexion products. It gave my cheek bones a subtle glow but so did my sunscreen.I was just totally unimpressed.
 Where was I?Test.The Becca pressed highlighter definitely lasts longer on the skin than the Elf. This was very obvious when i used the Elf and Becca all over my body on different beach outings. The Elf held up until I dipped myself in the water. Everybody already saw me sparkling like freshly glazed pastry and I was done taking pictures so I didn't really care. The Becca survived speed boating, dunking, tug of war and even after i got home tipsy and fell into bed without a shower it was still visible after I woke up.Magical. I'm sold on this, I will definitely be repurchasing in the bigger size next time.

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 I think this is one of Carrie Vaughn’s best work. It has a vintage cheesy superhero vibe and that’s part of what makes it great. Celia is pretty amazing. She’s not perfect, she’s not super powered but she’s somehow likeable even after switching over to the dark side which is quite a feat. I dislike whiny rich kids but Vaughn made it work. A great redemption story if I ever read one.

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